Psychology (Measurement and calendar)

Psychology (Measurement and calendar)
Measurement and evaluation is a science of great scientific importance because the progress of any science is measured by the degree of accuracy it reaches in measurement. Studying the Master of Psychology of Measurement and Evaluation provides its students with a set of skills and abilities that enable the student to develop and build a plan based on a set of specialized vocabulary, in addition to his ability to design tests according to scientific foundations and standards based on a set of questions and measure a set of goals to achieve them. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Basic principles and concepts in measurement and evaluation

  • Measurement and evaluation course Standard concepts of the course and the relationship between them.

  • Measurement and Evaluation Course "Nature, Characteristics and Limits of Measurement"

  • Measurement and Evaluation Course "Characteristics and Levels of Measurement"

  • Measurement and evaluation course "Basics of achievement test"

  • Purposes of achievement tests, types of assessment, and principles of test measurement control.

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