Dawah and Islamic culture A

Dawah and Islamic culture A
This section deals with the concept of the Islamic world, its genesis, and those who constitute its components, as well as the importance of studying Islamic culture and the characteristics of the Muslim family, and an overview of the history, motives and means of orientalists and their historical influence. In other axes, the student will learn about the characteristics of the intellectual, the scientist, the thinker and the specialist, important observations and methodological rules in seeking Islamic knowledge and Islamic culture, and very important data in the formation of a specialized intellectual. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Lectured the Muslim world
  •  The concept and origin of the Islamic world
  • map of the islamic world
  • The importance of studying Islamic culture
  • The most important primary and secondary sources of Islamic culture
  • Sections of monotheism and the Islamic faith
  • Belief in God and Evidence
  • Unite Sections
  • Introducing the Islamic faith, its effects, and its definition
  • Ruling on knowledge and advocacy of the Islamic faith
  • The importance of the Muslim family


  • Orientalism
  • Definition of orientalists
  • The motives and goals of the Orientalists
  • Orientalists' means


  • Methodological rules for seeking Islamic knowledge and Islamic culture
  • The difference between the intellectual, the thinker, the scientist, the specialist, and others
  • The most important specifications of the educated, and the task of reform
  • Notes on the sciences of the Qur’an, interpretation, hadith terminology, the Prophet’s Sunnah, and modern culture

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