Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology
counseling psychology with all its concepts a new human group through the civilizations that it presented to help them understand themselves on themselves and realize themselves and their spread and talents in the issues facing them, which leads to achieving compatibility between the environment in which you live. Training on family and alternative medicine sciences And this mastery is only if it is about learning, you can use some information about psychological counseling and its role and education. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  •  Counseling Psychology:

  •  The concept of psychological counseling and counseling psychology
  •  Misconceptions about psychological counseling
  •  The difference between psychological counseling and other concepts
  •  Psychological counseling goals
  •  The importance of psychological counseling
  •  Psychological counseling methods
  •  The foundations of psychological counseling
  •  Psychological Counseling Theories:

  •  Psychoanalytic theory
  •  Behavioral theory
  •  Self theory
  • The psychological counseling process:

  •  The concept of the guiding process
  •  - Indicative process procedures
  • Psychodiagnostic methods in the counseling process:

  •   Advising personal interview
  •   Case Study
  •   Note
  •  Psychological tests and measures
  • Areas of psychological counseling:

  •  Guidance field of play
  •  The field of family counseling
  •  Youth Guidance
  • Methods of psychological counseling:

  •  Guidance on reading
  •  behavioral counseling
  •  Reality Guidance

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