Hadith and its sciences

Hadith and its sciences
This section provides a comprehensive and adequate definition of modern science and terminology, and the emergence and history of the year As well as the most important matter for students of Islamic sciences, which is the distinction between the types of hadiths. The student will also learn about the characteristics and qualities of each of them, which will guide him to the path of sound research and a sound understanding that ensures the safety of reaching the required scientific goal. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • The term prophetic hadith

  •   Definition of modern science and term.
  •   The importance of modern science
  •    Sections of talk in terms of acceptance and response.
  •  Foundation

  •  The emergence of modern science in the era of the Companions.
  •  The emergence of modern science in the era of the followers.
  • The meaning of the bond and the board and the chain of transmission and the way.
  • types of talk

  • Types of hadith (mutawatir, singles, dear, famous, maqtu`, high, descending, marfoo’, and mawqoof).
  • Examples to differentiate these types of hadith.
  • right talk

  •  Define the correct speech.
  •   Conditions of correct speech.
  •   The cause, and the malicious hadith.
  •  Definition of good hadith.
  •  Examples of differentiating a good hadith from a sound hadith
  • Weak talk and subject

  •  Definition of weak hadith.
  •  Characteristics of weak hadith and its most famous narrators.


  • Define the topic.

  •  Characteristics of the topic and its signs.
  •  The most famous hadiths placed, and the most famous authors of it.
  •  The reasons for this situation.
  • interrupted talk

  •  Definition of interrupted speech.

        Ways to know the interruption of speech.

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