Fiqh sciences B

Fiqh sciences B
The science of jurisprudence is extremely important and the cornerstone for all students aspiring to attain the original and creative principles and rules of Islamic jurisprudence, which will enable them to derive practical rulings from the legal evidence (the Book - the Sunnah - the consensus - then the analogy), which will enable them to have an accurate understanding of the words of God Almighty based on Methodological foundations developed by the most important researchers, such as Al-Shashi, Al-Nasafi, Abdul Aziz Al-Bukhari, and many others who have done a lot in this field Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • God Almighty’s book:

  •  The basis of the linguistic division of the words of the Book of God Almighty
  •  The basis of the division on the basis of the statement
  • Dividing words according to the hidden meaning
  • Divide the words according to the inference:
  • Al sona

  • What is attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in terms of words, deeds, or statements
  • The sayings of the Companions
  • unanimity

  • Its provisions are unanimous
  • unanimous terms
  • consensus health
  • measurement

  • Measurement concept
  • Measurement limits
  • Measurement benefits
  • Measurement provisions

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