Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology
Educational psychology is concerned with studying the behavior of the human being, the student and the teacher, the various educational institutions where he follows up his performance, his activities, the curriculum, and everything related to the educational-learning process. All majors in the College of Education. The most important subjects in which the future teacher is holed up in order to be a successful teacher in his profession, educational psychology, there is no qualified teacher, this material nourishes his mind and increases his experience, and helps him to clearly identify the nature of education. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • The concept of educational psychology

  • Some concepts related to educational psychology
  • The concept of educational psychology
  • The relationship of educational psychology with other sciences

  • Its relationship to growth
  •  Its relationship to social psychology
  • Its relationship to experimental psychology
  • The importance of educational psychology for the learner

  • The foundations and nature of education
  •  When does the learning process begin and when does it end?
  • Basic factors for learning to happen
  • learning concept
  • teaching learning situation

  •  The components on which the learning situation is based
  • Learning Curve Concept
  • learning conditions


  • The process of maturation and learning

  • Define the ripening process
  • characteristics of the ripening process


  • Motivation as a second condition for learning

  • Define motivation
  • Motivational characteristicsSymmetric Theory Explained Transmission Learner Effect
  • Transition facilitation principles

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