Education and Islamic Studies

Education and Islamic Studies
In this section, the student will get acquainted with the process of Islamic education and its concept, linguistically and idiomatically, as it conveys something to its perfection little by little. Hence, the research will be directed in detail to all aspects and tasks performed by Islamic education at all levels of moral, intellectual, psychological, social and other aspects, on the personality of the person, family, society and life. It is complete, and its sources, principles, characteristics, and everything related to how a person embodies a correct and integrated Islamic life that guarantees him this world and the hereafter and makes him close and permanently connected to his Creator, the Most High. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Islamic education:

  • The concept of Islamic education
  • Its meaning is linguistic and idiomatic
  •  the justifications that call us to take care of Islamic education

  • social rationale
  • Cultural and scientific justifications
  • Civilizational and educational justifications
  • Islamic education resources

  • The premises and foundations of Islamic education
  • Secondary sources for Islamic education
  • Principles and foundations of Islamic education

  • Doctrinal and legal foundations
  • Its educational implications for man, society and life


  • characteristics of Islamic education

  • The Lord's Integration
  • Comprehensiveness and stability


  • Objectives of Islamic education

  • spiritual construction
  • Mental, physical, psychological and social construction

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