About the College

The international College of Islamic Sciences is an international scientific and cultural institution concerned with the dissemination of Islamic and legal sciences and includes among its ranks the elite of scholars in the most prestigious different universities, where modern technologies are devoted in order to provide the opportunity to study forensic sciences remotely for every Muslim anywhere on the approach of the Sunnis and the community, may God be pleased with them All and those who followed their path and followed them, with the aim of graduating scholars and experts possessing piety and competence, keen to clarify and spread the original Islam of Muhammad (PBUH) all over the world.

Vision & Mission


The vision of the International College of Islamic Sciences is to enable all of our students to achieve their goals by providing an outstanding education represented by building the best teaching methods available via the Internet. The university administration hopes to allow its students to benefit from the latest distance learning technologies by continuing to update the teaching methods it adopts and then developing them by building new and useful methods for its students. The university also works hard to make each of its graduates a model in his field of specialization. The educational system strives to make every possible effort to assist learners in acquiring the highest level of knowledge.


Our main goal is to convey the eternal message of Islam to the world through da'wah, university education and postgraduate studies.


Obtaining all educational programs carried out by the  International College of Islamic Sciences and all certificates issued by it without exception, and the highest level of international accreditation and approvals for certificates issued by the United Kingdom is represented in international accreditation and obtained full approvals from the following:


  • Either attestation by the Foreign Ministry and the embassy of the student's country.
  • Or the ratifications of the British Foreign Office, the Chamber of Commerce and the Arab-British Chamber

This is at the request of the student.

A contract of joint cooperation between the International University of Islamic Sciences and Safanah University, which is registered in the Ministry of Higher Education

Accredited by, SAVANNAH University is an academic educational institution, established in Mogadishu, Somalia, in February 2010 AD, registered in the higher education system and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Cooperation Agreements

Cooperation Agreements

Memorandum of understanding between Rabbaniyin International University and the International University of Islamic Sciences

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