Hospital management

Hospital management
Hospital management is one of the branches of management sciences, and is directly concerned with the management of health institutions such as hospitals, health centers, dispensaries and others, where the science of hospital management targets the cadres of the medical team with different responsibilities from doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists, and aims to be the director of the health facility fully aware He is clear on everything that is happening in it, and he has sufficient ability to manage all available human resources and medical supplies, in order to achieve the greatest benefit for the patient, in addition to his role in rationalizing the use of medicines and medical supplies while making good use of the medical devices in this facility. This major is designed to help students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in order to qualify them to work in hospitals and various health institutions by preparing qualified health care members to carry out work and administrative activities related to hospitals and management of various health institutions, and this major aims in general to help create a healthy work environment Qualified and appropriate to treat patients in health institutions in the most effective manner finance. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic

Discover the world of hospital management, where the role of the manager goes beyond traditional boundaries of supervision and transforms into the art of precise coordination and strategic direction. In this educational program, we explore how hospital managers work alongside doctors, nurses, and specialists to achieve a smooth and effective healthcare experience.


We provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to achieve balance between administrative aspects and healthcare, and how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and development. We will guide you through the educational program to develop the necessary managerial skills to deliver healthcare services efficiently, utilize material and financial resources effectively, and create a work environment that enhances professional growth for employees.


Join us on this educational journey and acquire the necessary tools to become a creative leader in the field of hospital management, whether you come from a medical or non-medical background. 

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