Islamic media

Islamic media
.The media is an important branch of scientific and applied knowledge that needs to take care of rooting its concepts and curricula and refining the methods and methods of their realistic practice in accordance with the guidance and directives of Islam. The importance of formulating the media system: a philosophy, an aim, an approach and a practice, deals with an Islamic formulation in light of our awareness of the importance of the media in the protection of societies, and the seriousness of what it does in affecting individuals and groups negatively or positively. Evaluation Type: Online Test Teaching language: Arabic
  • Introduction to Islamic media

        The concept of Islamic media

       The relationship of the Islamic media to the issues of the regime

  • The rule of Islamic media and its legitimacy

       The foundations of Islamic media and its controls

  • Characteristics of Islamic media

       Islamic media conditions

       Islamic media sources


  • Entrance to the press

        - Careers

  • Principles of Journalism

        Laws regulating journalistic work

       The relationship of the press with politics and determining its role

  • Types of journalism in the journalism market

Characteristics of the press system in the Arab world

           - Determinants of journalistic systems

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