Fiqh sciences A

Fiqh sciences A
The jurisprudential rules course: It is one of the important courses that indicate that Islamic jurists have given humanity a lot to extract the treasures of this Islamic Sharia and present its treasures and glories. topics. We will first begin by defining the jurisprudential rules and their importance, and then show the difference between the jurisprudential rules and other rules. We will then move on to how the jurisprudential rule is formulated and how the jurisprudential rule arose, then the sources of these rules and then dedicating a number of lectures to the study of the most important general rules for a detailed study Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Usul al-Fiqh

  • The meaning of jurisprudence
  • The concept of Usul al-Fiqh
  • Types of rulings derived from the principles of jurisprudence
  • Some important terms used in jurisprudence and its origins.
  • Who is the jurist:

  •    Ranks of people in the science of religion
  •  Introduction to grammar
  • jurisprudence rule

  •   Definition of the jurisprudence rule
  •    The importance of jurisprudence
  •  The genesis of jurisprudence
  •   The most important sources of jurisprudence
  •  Fiqh rules and their applications

  •     Agreed rules
  •     The rules that differ among the jurists
  • Islamic sects

  •  The emergence of Islamic sects
  • Introducing each denomination

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