Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety
This specialization is concerned with the study of engineering and technical methods to enforce safety standards, correct an unsafe work environment, and avoid dangers that may occur in the workplace. The (Industrial Security and Occupational Safety Specialist) will: Monitor equipment, machinery and machinery to repair any defect that may lead to damage of any kind. Ensuring the application of occupational safety laws that protect workers from any potential dangers. Explanation and interpretation of the approved safety laws for employees and those responsible for monitoring safety within the facility. Providing consultations to various organizations about their ability to respond to any emergency whatsoever, especially in emergency intervention departments, fire departments, and others. Review accident reports received from different departments or through safety monitors to identify the vinegar in the safety system inside the facility. Evaluation Type: Online Test Study language: Arabic
  • Occupational safety and health concept

  • occupational health

  • industrial accidents

  • mechanical notifier

  • noise hazards

  • indoor hazards

  • Electricity hazards

  • biohazards

  • Safety on the construction site

  • Fire prevention and control methods

  • Correct behavior in accidents

  • first aid

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Indicative signs and warnings

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