The study of scientific psychology, has a lot of great relevant insights into the real world and the actual problems we face in our daily lives. The general objectives in this section are: We, how does the human brain work? How do we think? What makes us who we are? Departments and Subfields of Psychology, Ethics, and Is Being Good or Bad Part of Your Nature? Mental illness and major disorders such as depression and anxiety Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Introduction to Psychology:

  •  Psychology departments
  • the brain


  •  Psychoanalysis:

  •  Who is Freud and what are his ideas?
  • The three distinct processes that revolve in the human mind (the id - the ego - the superego)
  • Ways to hide things about ourselves that we'd rather not know
  • Freudian theory and ways to reject it
  • An example of the unconscious in modern psychology (understanding of language)
  • Did Freud believe in medicine?


  •  Why do we have an unconscious in the first place?

  •  Skinner and his three interesting visions
  • The main principles of learning
  • Cognitive mental development:

  • Piaget and his ideas
  • How do we explain growth?


  • One change blindness study:

  •  The phenomenon of change blindness and types of memor
  • The difference between short-term memory and long-term memory



  • Human feelings

  •  Robert Sternberg's definition of love
  • types of love
  • The seven variables on which the social psychology of love focuses


  •  Evolution Biology:

  •  Where does our mental life come from?
  • Evidence for evolution comes in many forms
  • Natural selection and its components
  • Why do we talk about evolution in an Introduction to Psychology class?
  • How to apply the theory of evolution to psychology
  • The difference between proximate causation and extreme causation
  • What does the theory of evolution say about human differences?
  • The main aspects of human nature that the theory of evolution tells us

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