Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that studies human behavior with the aim of understanding, interpreting, then controlling and predicting. The study of the Master of Clinical Psychology gives its student the ability to apply psychological measures and correct those measures, and to provide the student with a set of skills that help him in the correct diagnosis mechanism, identify psychological disorders, and provide appropriate treatment methods. Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • Research Methods:

  • Understand the importance of studying research methods
  •  Learn about scientific research methods
  •  Recognize the features of scientific research.
  •  Qualities of a good researcher


  • Behavior Measurement Methods:

  •  Sources and documents (their concept, distinguishing between them)
  •   Questionnaire (concept, conditions, types, advantages, disadvantages)
  •  The interview (concept, foundations, types, advantages and disadvantages, fields)
  •  Observation (concept, foundations, types, advantages and disadvantages, fields)
  •  Psychological tests (their concept, how to apply and correct the expressions of the scale, their features, types, the basis for their selection)
  • Requirements for a psychiatrist


  • Psychiatric diagnosis:

  • The test that measures the psychological aspect of aindividual
  • Sexual disorders and their role in the personality of the individual

        personality disorders

  • Depression:

  • The concept of depression and its spread
  • Suicide causes and its relationship to depression
  • Features of depression and what are the pathological signs of the diagnosis?
  • Types of depression (normal, pathological, periodic, seasonal)
  •  Why depression occurs and what are the dynamics of a depressed person
  •  Depression treatment (pharmacological, psychological)



  •  Concerns:

  •  The concept of fear and types of fears (natural, pathological)
  •  Causes of illness fears in an individual
  •  Symptoms and signs of fear
  • Explanation of fear through psychological theories
  •  Treating fears (pharmacological, psychological)


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