Business Management B

Business Management B
And scholars in this field, as well as a breakdown of the types of organizations and their goals. This section will also provide a detailed definition of planning and organization according to more than one school, its importance and types, and each of them will discuss, under the two titles, ideas, ideas, divisions and branches that are very important for anyone who wants to lead in the field of management Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • The concept of business administration

  • Definitions of the concept of management according to several scholars.
  • Management and project functions.
  • Types of organizations.
  • The importance of management.
  • The types of skills that management receives to be a manager.
  • Types of departments and their tasks.


  •  management science schools

  • Schools of management thought.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each school.


  • management planning

  • Define planning and its importance.
  • Types of planning.
  • The stages of preparing the plan.
  • Types of goals.
  • Administrative types.


  • Administrative regulation

  • Define organization.
  • The importance of organization.
  • Organization types.
  • Organization methods and forms.
  • Centralization and decentralization.
  • Responsibility, authority and the difference between them.

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