AQida And Tawhied B

AQida And Tawhied B
The creed is a foundation and a bond that has a strong connection with the Internet, and urging them on the Internet, and the validity of the creed is a hindrance to salvation in the hereafter. The study of the master's study to obtain the answer and standardization, that the student after completing the study and get the answer to the questions answered Evaluation type: Online exams Teaching language: Arabic
  • First semester : Importantce of the science of reading

    • Introduction to the study of faith
    • The Origins of the Beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama`ah
    • The belief of the four imams
    • Religions and sects
  • Second Semester

    • Boredom and bees
    • Islamic philosophy
    • Contemporary Doctrines of Thought
    • Introduction to the critique of philosophy
  • Third semester

    • religion comparison
    • refusal of logic
    • positive religions
    • The twelve in the origins and branches
  • Fourth semester

    • Islam and philosophical doctrines
    • History of Comparative Religions
    • Judaism and Christianity
    • Westernization in the Islamic world

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