Dr. Baraa Abu Romana, a faculty member, shares with us one of his valuable research studies.

Dr. Baraa Khalil Suleiman Ramaneh, a faculty member at the International University for Islamic Sciences, conducted a study entitled "Imam Bukhari's Silence on Narrators in Al-Kabir History."


In this research, Dr. Ramaneh explored an important topic related to Imam Bukhari's silence on some narrators. He detailed the narrators that Imam Bukhari remained silent about in his book "Al-Kabir History," but who had narrations in his book "Sahih." The study utilized various methods such as inductive, analytical, and comparative approaches to arrive at the correct answer.


Scientific material was gathered from primary and secondary sources, including books on criticism and evaluation and hadith sciences. The results indicate that some narrators who were not criticized or evaluated in "Al-Kabir History" by Bukhari had narrations in his book "Sahih." The absence of a judgment does not necessarily mean that they are all reputable or rejected, but rather the aim was to encompass the narrators who transmitted knowledge.


We wish Dr. Baraa continued excellence and success.